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🐈 🐔
the breakfast
of a Finnish farm
where cats, hens, cocks,
and ducks were relaxing
I wanna eat with you!



Viking(buffets in Japanglish)style breakfast in a Finnish farm.
A cat was keeping watch under the table(1990s).
This style was introduced in Japan at Imeprial Hotel on August 1 in 1958,
based on the Swedish smörgåsbord and the film below,
which includes the herring, Jansson's temptation (?), etc.

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The Vikings in a neighboring country of Finland, Sweden
are seen today also, for example, the supporters of FIFA.

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Snowdrop ate the milk porridge every morning at a YH in Finland,
where she enjoyed the sauna also every day.
She made the porridge by herself in December, the month of St. Claus. 🎅



The berries that are to be the jam in winter (Finnish calendar)


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お気に入りの夏ショット&私の花火写真! 【PR】

ベリージャムのおはなし ↓


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(Here are cats guarding a path leading to a mausoleum like the guardian dogs in front of a shrine!



Snowdrop found a map near the station, which showed Mausoleum of Emperor Tenchi in the opposite direction of the temple of cotton rosemallows. It was getting muggy but she could not pass up this opportunity! Soon she reached a green path leading to the mausoleum. Under small white flowers several cats greeted her like the guardian dogs.





(ショパン夜想曲第13番*Chopin Nocturne 13)
(シューベルトのピアノソナタから*Schubert - Piano Sonata D.959, Andantino*grillon's favorite in autumn*These pieces show that Chopin was a Schubertien.)

Emperor Tenchi lived a tumultuous life: Taika Reform of 645CE; The love with a poet Nukata-no-Okimi; Battle of Baekgang; the transfer of the capital from Asuka to Omi (Shiga prefecture), etc. One day Emperor entered into a forest alone and never returned. Only his shoes were left, where people made his mausoleum. The approach of the mausoleum was cool, wet, and deserted.



Img_2232_640x480城南宮(京都)で歌人が履いていた沓*Ancient shoes

: I have taken many things by forcethe head of Soga-no-Iruka, the life of the father of my wife, Yamato-hime, the life of a young prince and poet, Arima-no-Miko, the body and soul of a beautiful poet Nukata-no-Okimi, my young brother’ s lover. Beside the head of SOGA-no-Iruka, his black shoes were lying. When he was suddenly attacked by us, the shoes slipped off. The father of my wife was the very Iruka’ s cousin and was a candidate for the successor to the throne. I had no choice but to order to attack him. The young prince and poet Arima had pretended to be mad but if he had been persuaded by my political rivalshe was destined to be put to death. The poemonly the mysterious power of the waka could inspire me. It was because Nukata was a divine poet that I robbed my brother of her. I wanted her to make waka only for me, only for my country. What if she should abuse her divine power for the love with my young brother who is not Emperor? Don't mow MY lawn!!!

「額田大君 日本美術史」の画像検索結果
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What a wonderful waka she made at the time of the
departure for the front in Korea!
When we have waited for the moon at Nikitatsu Harbor, not only the moon but the tide has risen, now let’s put out to the sea! …But we lost that well-timed battle. Many soldiers died in that strange land. Why? I made a water clock manufactured also and was supposed to rule the time……Now walking in a forest, I feel as if I was walking on the bottom of the sea between Japan and Koreathis water-like cool wind……how heavy these shoes! I’ ll take them off.
Nukata' s waka is translated by snowdrop.)



With the eyes, nose, and mouth covered by the breaths of dark green trees, did Emperor transform himself into a fish?

📚Elegy by Yamato-hime for Emperor Tenchi chanson d'amour pour son mari (2015)*父を倒した夫、天智帝に倭大后が捧げた挽歌。昨年の記事)



When she arrived at the station, the sunshine had already become strong. It was better for her to return home before she got flushed like this cotton rosemallow. The cool entrance of the metro swallowed snowdrop like the unseen tunnel of the mausoleum. In a vacant train, she had a divne purple dream as follows.




むらさきに匂へる巫女を得むがため若人ふたり標野にまよふ   黒ネコ

(To Nukata-no-Okimi, contributed by Kuro-Neko: Chat Noir, translation of snowdrop)

(In order to get a medium-poet like the flower for dyeing purple, two young men are wandering in the imperial hunting field.)


(There is a grass to dye a cloth purple and a medium-poet to be dyed divine colour.)

紫草は古代の染料のひとつです 🌸

「紫草 吉岡幸雄」の画像検索結果



(In the metro,light taps of a drum…it's a woman typing her laptop on her lap♪)

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筝を弾く菩薩(平等院鳳凰堂)(12c.)(google search)
Bodhisattva playing the koto-harp like a laptop (Poenix Hall, Kyoto)

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白うさぎのような芙蓉の花 * 大乗寺(京都)
Cotton Rosemallow with Cotton-like ears of Rabbit, Daijo-ji Temple, Kyoto



上村松園の息子、松篁の「月夜」*Moonlit Night by Uemura Shoko (Shoen’s son)

After the harvest moon, it is getting a little cooler than before. Snowdrop tried seeking inspiration for tanka (ginkou-hiking) after a long interval, with a camera, a cahier, and a pencil in her rucksack. Making waka had already begun even on her way to destination.



(Where does this man go by metro, holding one set of tissue paperboxes against his chest and with a rucksack on his back?




Snowdrop got off the train at Misasagi (Mausoleum) Station and went toward a small temple famous for cotton flowers. At a crossing, she found an old-fashioned shop where tatami mats were made (nobody was there). She crossed into an one-way road, which rose from there. The temple must be on a hillside. A steep stone steps came into view. If one fell on his back there, that would be a tragedy! Beside the temple gate, one had prepared for the visitors many canes and round fans to keep away mosquitoes. You know, it was hotter than expected…it was still too hot for snowdrop, a Pisces.



The snow white flower cup is filled with the rosé wine or with the morning light?

Red cotton flowers painted by Li Di


Since snowdrop introduced the cotton roses painted by Li Di in the Song dynasty, she has wanted to take photos of double-petaled cotton roses, especially the flamboyant cotton rosemallow. The flower is white in the morning, it turns thin pink during the day, and changes to red in the evening like an intoxicate beauty. The double-petaled one is similar to Li Di' s ones.



(En mélangeant des r
êves de ce monde et ceux de l’ autre monde, on se grise du temple de Hibiscus mutabilis en gugouette?)



(Oh no, everyone is drunk and turns red! I would not drink in the daytime, never!)



Snowdrop left the temple and went back to the station. Now let’s reveal the history of the station’ s name, Mausoleum. She questioned a woman who was out of her house, but she did not know about that and even about the temple of cotton roses. On her way to the station, she found the flowers that she had seen in her childhood near her grandmother’s house. Recently she knew that this flower has a beautiful name Tama-sudare (beaded hanging screen) in Japanese and the rain lily in English.






A mysterious episode hidden in the place name, Mausoleum, will be revealed next week.

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Rome by TAKEUCHI Seihodetail)(1903)(pinterest)

In Kyoto, an ancient capital of Japan, a Roman waterbridge has appeared? Oh no, it is an aquaduct of the Lake Biwa Canal, built in the Meiji era, in 1888. Because it is located in the precincts of the Nanzen-ji Temple, its appearance needed to harmonize with the historical landscape. They say it was a twenty-six-year-old youth that designed it after the Roman aquaducts.




Nanzen-ji Temple was founded in the 13th century. This gate has the legend that Ishikawa Goemon, Japanese Robin Hood figure admired the belvedere (Zekkei kana! ) from upstairs (upper and lower figures).

(Kabuki"Belvedere! ": 4:50~)

Ishikawa Goemon is the ancestor of Goemon in Lupin The Third. 📚




As for the canal, it had been planned to transport the water of Lake Biwa to Kyoto, but the technique soon became
out-of-date. Even for a while the water powered electric lights must have excited the people in Kyoto, especially the painters such as Shoen and Seiho. Today the water is used for fire fighting and for the streams in several Japanese traditional gardens*. The incline fell into disuse along with the demise of water transportation.

(無鄰菴庭園 * Murin-an's picturesque garden)*



The water running on the aquaduct in Nanzen-ji temple flows into this canal. Philosopher's Walk along the canal is a
place famous for cherryblossoms. In May, under green cherry leaves, it was not the university professors but several cats that were walking and meditating.



A cat just like Cat by KOBAYASHI KokeiThe painter was inspired by Bastet, a goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion. She loves the music and protects us against diseases and evil spirits. I was charmed by the mysterious gold eyes of a real Bastet in Kyoto.


Img_0131_500x800奈良町の猫カフェ(Cat café in Nara, 2011

Pyramid-shaped monument in Nara, 2011)

Img_0328_800x600_3エジプトの階段ピラミッド(Saqqara, 2011


The morning sun in Aswan High Dam, Egypt, 2011)


Both artificial buildings and wild flowers resemble each other both in the East and the West.


狐の釦/牡丹(キツネノボタン)(Ranunculus silerifolius (Kyoto)


姫紫苑(ヒメジオン)と薊(アザミ)* Daisy fleabane and Thistle in Kyoto

Villa di Livia, Roma (google search) 

ヴィッラ ディ リヴィア脚

Villa di Livia, dans cette villa dont le nom est comme un poème rimé, j' ai rimé sur des fleurs sauvages de l' antiquité.


フォロ・ロマーノの猫 * Gatto del Foro Romano (1999)

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フォロ・ロマーノ Foro Romano (1999)


Around the Roman Senato, several cats are sitting on a mattress of Erigeron philadelphicus. They don’ t know whether it is spring or fall and are slumbering beyond the century.(1999)


ハルジョオン・ヒメジョオン 松任谷由実

川向こうの町から 宵闇が来る

煙突も家並みも 切り絵になって


私だけが変わり みんなそのまま





哀しいほど紅く 心は燃えているの

思い出すそばから 葬るくせに


私だけが変わり みんなそのまま


春紫苑 Erigeron philadelphicus

Erigeron philadelphicus
Erigeron annuus MATSUTOYA Yumi

From the town beyond the river comes the dusk.

Both the chimneys and rows of houses look like cutout pictures.

The evening sun is ripening so red that I feel sad.

Only I have changed and others are what they were.

Buried in daisies fleabane we kissed

Between the bank and the sky a wind blew through.

The surface of the river was undulating so red that I felt sad.

He moved and since then I have forgotten even his face.

My heart is burning so red that I feel sad,

though I bury our memories as soon as they revive.

The evening sun is ripening so red that I feel sad.

Only I have changed and others are what they were.
(translation of snowdrop)

姫紫苑 Erigeron annus

snowdrop(森のアネモネ)の愛する野花の歌を久々に聴きました。五月、桜の終わった土手に、春紫苑や野薊、金鳳花などがゆれています。「私だけが変わり みんなそのまま」…この一節は次の古歌を裏返したものでしょうか。

Snowdrop in the woods (anemone sylvestris) found her favorite song on a wild flower in a video site
. In May, under the cherry trees, various wild flowers bloom
daisy fleabane, thistle, buttercup or ranunculus silerifolius (whose seeds are compared to button of fox or confeito grass in Japanese). "Only I have changed and others are what they were"…is this refrain the antithesis of the following waka?


在原業平 (伊勢物語第四段)


The moon and the spring are no longer the same as those of last year? Only I am what I was and others have all changed?
Ariwara no Narihira, The Tales of Ise (translation of snowdrop)

Est-ce que la lune et le printemps ne sont pas même à ceux de l’ an dernier? Ils s'en vont et je seulement demeure? 
Ariwara no Narihira, Les Contes d' Ise (traduction of snowdrop)

Reggiani chantant et disant Pont Mirabeau


詩仙堂の紫苑(aster tataricus in Kyoto, 2014)


In Japanese, the erigeron philadelphicus and erigeron annuus are compared to the aster tataricus in autumn. That is, the spring aster and the small aster.



Here is a chanson on an autumnal wild flower, the autumn crocus, which is the contary to the spring aster.

Colchiques dans les prés 

「colchicum autumnale」の画像検索結果
Colchiques by Joseph Prestele (pinterest) 

Paroles Automne (Colchiques dans les prés) Francis Cabrel

Colchiques dans les près
Fleurissent, fleurissent
Colchiques dans les près
C'est la fin de l' été
La feuille d' automne
Emportée par le vent
En rondes monotones
Tombe en tourbillonnant
Nuage dans le ciel
S' étire, s' étire
Nuage dans le ciel
S' étire comme une aile

野原のサフラン 咲いた、咲いた

野原のサフラン 夏の終わりに

風に運ばれ 秋の木の葉が

くるくる舞い降りる モノトーンのロンド






草の花の蒼 春秋のみ空のあをに ひたりて()生きむ

(Le bleu d’ eau,
le mauve des fleurs sauvages, le céladon du ciel printanier, et l’ azur de celui automnal, ils m’ aident à vivre.)



Celadon eyes of Cat in Philosopher's Walk, Kyoto


Great to see you again!! ― No, I am not the cat that you saw here in the spring ten years ago.





La fleur bleue dont le nom je ne sais pas, elle a coloré le pré ce printemps aussi, sans le spectateur.

「albrecht durer」の画像検索結果

Ancolie et La grande Touffe d' Herbe , Chat de Dürer (pinterest) 

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デンマークの猫(アンデルセンの故郷) Denmark (1997)


J’ habite dans le pays natal du poète, de l’auteur originel de Frozen(2014)


デンマークの絵皿、広重の猫 Denish year plate and Taschen art book


What are these cats waiting for or are they seeing off someone
This year-plate ofRoyal Copenhagen sends us the warmth inside of a room in a Nordic country. The wood-cut of Hiroshige is full of yarning for love. The Yoshiwara-spallow pattern on the wall and ornamental hairpins on the tatami tell us that this cat expresses a harlot of Yoshiwara missing her dearest guest in the evening.

Finland (1997)


(ながながしき ほくおうの ふゆを ろばたにて まるまり すごす ねここそ あるじ)

Qui passe l’ hiver nordique trop long en pelotonnant au coin du feu, il est le maître de cette maison ― le chat.)Finland(1997)




The cat painted by TAKEUCHI Seiho looks like she tells some story. The painter met this cat in a green grocery while traveling. He was inspired by her charm and took her along to his home. Day after day he observed her playing in his atelier and painted this realistic picture.

But in fact, this posture cannot be reappeared by the living body of a cat. The beauty is more real than the reality? The painter should have seized the ideal beauty consisting of plural postures of one cat. Just after the completion of the painting, she disappeared as if she had been a muse who came to him for a moment.


鈴木春信 女三宮と猫  Third Princess and Cat, SUZUKI Harunobu, google search  


Some cats disappear just like a story, some cats raise the curtain of a story. Princess San-no-miya' s cat rolled up the bamboo blind by her lead and revealed her mistress to Kashiwa-gi. Because a noble lady should not be seen by a man other than her family in Heian period, it was an unbelievable chance for the young noble man. He was charmed by her beauty and managed to get her cat to fan the flame of his passion. In the end his forbidden love sent him to his death. One innocent cat raised a bamboo blind, mais non, the curtain of a tragic love story.



Neu, neu(couchon,couchon)…c’ est l’ onomatopée par l’ homme. Il agite la flamme d’ amour par le feu de son cœur même.)

On trouve cet onomatopée et interprétation dans le texte du Dit du Genji.


Notre-Damede la Paix『藤田嗣治展 LEONARD FOUJITA』(exhibition calalog)(図版3枚)


From several stories of the cat, let’s go back to FUJITA Tsuguharu. After the World War II, he went to France again and became naturalized as French. He was baptized and made a chapel in Lance, whose name was “Our Lady of Peace”. He desired a chapel in Romanesque style and conventional bells with the bell-pull. He designed all the details such as stained glasses, reliefs and door knobs, and painted frescos.



Adoration peinte par un peintre qui aimait le chat, où un lièvre et des oiseaux sont ses cammarades à prier.


礼拝 Adoration  Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris

🐈🐈 猫のデュエット*Cat Duet by G. A. Rossini)
J' aime beaucoup PCCB. Je ne peux pas lire sous-titre en coréen...tant pis!



You can see his self-portrait in an oil painting also, where he is gray-haired and in priest’s garb. In his youth, he was an ambitious painter like this! The painter who had been called Foufou (joker) grew older, through the war, and became a simple old man like a Romaesque church. When I looked for his portrait in the catalog, I found the one not with a cat but with a dog. Both Foufou and Leonard, the cat and the dog, are charming!


ps. This is the first oil painting by Japanese accepted in the salon de Paris.

五姓田義松 「人形の着物」 Dress of a doll  GOSEDA Yoshimatsu (1883 ) google search A cat is relaxing !

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タピストリーの裸婦(部分)  Nude with Tapestry (detail)
 LEONARD FOUJITA2006年)(図版および写真計4点)

およそ百年前、モンパルナスに居を構え、白磁器の肌の女性や猫を描き始めた日本人画家がいました。藤田嗣治(レオナール・フジタ)です。面相筆やシッカロールを使った独特の画風や、おかっぱ頭など個性的なファッションで、異国での道を切り開きました。キー・ヴァン・ドンゲンをキッキーと呼んで親交を深め、モンパルナスのキキの絵でサロン・ドートンヌに旋風を起こし…(藤田嗣治エッセイ選『腕一本 巴里の横顔』)。フランス語の名字の表記(Foujita)から、Foufou(おどけ者)と呼ばれたフジタ。彼の物語はまた後ほど。

Il y a un peintre japonais qui habitait à
Montparnasse et a commencé à peindre les femmes avec la peau de porcelaine blanche et chats charmants il y a cent ans. Il est FUJITA Tsuguharu (Foujita Tsuguji en français:Foufou), qui a ouvert la voie par le style unique avec le pinceau japonais et Siccarol (!), et la mode originale (ex. la coiffure à la Jeanne d’ Arc). Il avait des relations amicales avec Kees van Dongen (Kikki) et a peint Kiki de Montparnasse pour Salon d'automne(Selection of Essays of Fujita Tsuguharu). Je raconterai sa histoire plus tard.



Rose Mallow and Cat KOBAYASHI Kokei ( 1935 )(detail)


La ligne (le contour) caractéristique de la peinture japonaise soutient la matière des toiles de Fujita. Un des peintres de la ligne est KOBAYASHI Kokei, qui a peint un chat comme Bastet. Je vous présente ici un autre chat qui joue seul auprès des hibiscus écarlates.



À propos, est-ce que vous préférez le chat ou le chien? À vrai dire, je préfèrait…le chat, parce que j’ aime le voir jouer tout seul. C’ est vrai que le chien aussi joue seul, mais quand il trouve son maître, il arrête de jouer, n’ est ce pas? Parfois il attend notre retour avec patienceça me faisait pénible un peu.

Mais maintenant je sens que le chien qui a ce qu’ il aime si profondement qu' il veut attendre sans jouer, il serait plus heureux que le chat capricieux.

Chat jouant avec des arômes,
Kees van Dongen, google search



tanka d

(C'est parce que je serais une femme fidele qui attends toujours? Le chien fidel me fait lui dire, Tu ne dois pas m attendre,joue pendant mon absence".)



tanka d’ aujourd’hui

(Mon tristesse profonde est le témoignage de mon amour profond…j'ai trouvé le bonheur profond du chien qui toujours attend son cher, cet automne.)


白き猫(部分) 『菱田春草』朝日新聞社 Chat blanc (detail) HISHIDA Shunso


À l’ oppsé ce peintre, HISHIDA Shunsō a abandonné la ligne et a donné une sensation d’ espace ou de masse avec la gradation riche comme celle du lavis. Puisque son chat noir est bien connu ici, je voudrais inviter un chat blanc aujourd’hui.


岸田劉生「猫図」(1926年)Chat KISHIDA Ryusei  Google search



Sa tache noire au front est impressionnante ! KISHIDA Ryusei a peint un chat de la même espèce. En fait, les deux peintres japonais ont appris le peinture attribué à l'empereur Huizong des Song (1082-1135).

On dit que cette tache est souvent vue sur le front du chaton blanc. J’ ai vu à la télé des poulains noirs ou gris qui seront devenu le cheval blanc de l’Austriche (Graz). Mais ces trois chats blancs seraient le chat divin, adult.

Chat attribué à l'empereur Huizong des Song


Depuis ton rêve de temps en temps je voix quelque amis dans des rêves. Ce matin c’ a été moi qui pleurrrait.


(La lune d’ aube comme la pupille d’ un chat du midi, c’ est mon sourire quand je me suis réveillé aujourd’hui.)



Un autre chat par KOBAYASHI Kokei…celui leve les yeux bleu vers un papillon bleu. Vous vous souvenez des chats chinois dans mon “Dog’ s story”? (au-dessous, droit) Des petits papillons dansent sur la tête des chats.

En Chine, les gens de 80-90 ans sont appelés 耄耋 (mào dié) et offerts le peinture du papillon, chat, et fleur. Snowdrop aussi dédie cet article à mon cher au-delà de la mer. (A suivre)

萱草遊図・蜀葵遊猫図 伝毛益筆 The Museum Yamato Bunkakan HP

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 Le mercredi est demi-jour férié à l' école de langues, au collège et au lycée. Quand je suis rentrée à la maison, le fils écoutait
du rock sur son ordinateur personnelle, et Monsieur (éducation-relation) regardait la télévision. L'atmosphère à la maison était relaxée et tranquille.
 Est-ce que Spot est blanc, noir, ou…? (2017)


「proust marcel  young pinterest」の画像検索結果

”Moi aussi…♪” ― M. Proust (pinterest)


 Après le déjeuner, quand je préparait l ’excursion de l’école du lendemain, j ’ ai entendu un métronome en bas. Le fils faisait des exercices de la batterie. Mes applaudissements l’ ont fait battre plus fort. Nous avons éssayé de faire une séance musicale.
Je n’ ai pu pas bien jouer du piano, mais Take Five nous a fait plaisir.



Le dîner était la crêpe de sarrasin : une spécialité de Bretagne et Normandie. Après le dîner, Madame et moi, nous avons fait le plan de la fin de semaine. À la télé, il y avait l' émission sur la chômage, sur l' architecture neo-baroque (ex.L’Opéra Garnier), etc.

(2004.4.14)(le 14 avril 2004)



(かいねこの まどろむ そばで ほん くれば ごはんですよーと まだむの よびごえ)

Quand je tournait des pages de Proust à côté de Kuchin sommeillante,“On mange!”madame nous a appelé en bas.


Galette [Cr
êpe] de sarrasin et Cidre (Osaka, Japon, en février 2017)

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