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カテゴリ:Scandinavia(北欧の夏秋)( 7 )


🐈 🐔
the breakfast
of a Finnish farm
where cats, hens, cocks,
and ducks were relaxing
I wanna eat with you!



Viking(buffets in Japanglish)style breakfast in a Finnish farm.
A cat was keeping watch under the table(1990s).
This style was introduced in Japan at Imeprial Hotel on August 1 in 1958,
based on the Swedish smörgåsbord and the film below,
which includes the herring, Jansson's temptation (?), etc.

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The Vikings in a neighboring country of Finland, Sweden
are seen today also, for example, the supporters of FIFA.

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Snowdrop ate the milk porridge every morning at a YH in Finland,
where she enjoyed the sauna also every day.
She made the porridge by herself in December, the month of St. Claus. 🎅



The berries that are to be the jam in winter (Finnish calendar)


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お気に入りの夏ショット&私の花火写真! 【PR】

ベリージャムのおはなし ↓


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Original calendar of Virrat, Finland where snowdrop met her Finnish friends * Xmas present


The blueberries you picked in the hot summer sun, which invite a fresh cool breeze to our breakfast table.





Both the ice cream and the sherbet
are too icy for snowdrop nowadays…

Royal Copenhagen(plate, glass, lotus-shaped candleholder)

At the end of the summer, a bottle of handmade blueberry jam was delivered to my house. A familiar person had picked lots of blueberries under the brazing sun in Nara and made the fresh jam in his house. His jam has increased our appetite. We use it for every meal and dessert (à la mode d' Ile flottant?). This summer, I have learnt to dilute wine with soda (like the Greek with water!) , so I tried Blueberry and Soda! Mmmmm
…yummy (tastes good)! We will treat ourselves to have roast beef with blueberry sauce at dinner with Scandinavian tableware. The flame in a lotus-shaped candleholder flutters in an autumnal breezewhich reminds me of my trip about twenty years ago with my friend, who presented me later the above plate.

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Boys playing in the water painted by Albert Edelfelt (pinterest)

This painting which snowdrop saw in a museum reminded her of the following scene in Virrat.


8月1日 晴(…)桟橋の近くへ行くと、男の子五人が水遊びしている。(…)11時ごろ汽笛の音がして、しばらくすると、「詩人の道」航路の船が水を分けて通ってゆく。波が生まれると子供たちがはしゃぐ。おもちゃの船でシリア・ラインごっこをしているらしい。(…)

(From snowdrop’s travel-diary)

When I approached a pier, five boys were playing in the water. (…) Around eleven o’ clock, I heard a steam whitsle and saw a ship on Poet’s Way pushing its way through water. The waves born form the ship excited the boys. They were playing at Silja Line. (…)

フィンランドの旅のスケッチから*From snowdrop' s sketchbook


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Interior in snowdrop's memory

 Leaving a main road (where only one car passed during one hour) to enter a path, I found a cattle farm and a lake with several yachts. A cow is observing me from far away. Is it because of my red raincoat to make me warm? The buzzing of flies and mosquitoes. When I was enjoying the cool breeze under a birch tree, someone called me, “Kaufi!” “Cow field [kάʊ fi:ld]?“Coffee [kάfi] and ice cream!”― She invites me to FIKA!

A woman of my generation served me white rectangular ice cream on the terrace. It was partly because the electric fence for cattle was dangerous for me that she called me out. According to her, it was rare that a Japanese traveler not only passes but stays in her village. Her parents and a boy in neighborhood came out to the terrace. He held a fly swatter like Japanese one. In Finland, a country of the woods and lakes, there are much more flies and mosquitoes than other Scandinavian countries. 
 I glanced at the living room with gold and white furniture around the 19th century like the ones I had seen in several museums. That house was not a summer house but their principal residence. I wanted to take a photo of the interior, but I could not ask that. What a shame!(…)


To my Finnish friends


A pair of lakes in the land Suomi were blue as if they had been reflecting the clear eyes of my friends there. )



snowdrop always sketches children, takes their photos, and gives them their portraits.
In this lake, snowdrop and her friend had a bathe between the sauna times.

館野泉によるシベリウス「樅の木」()の解説 ばら色の夕映えの絵葉書(上)

(SIBELIUS :The spruce, Izumi TATENO)
📚 (Izumi TATENO wiki in Finnish)



When my friend and I hurried to the pier of our hotel at 10 p.m., the woman and her sister had been waiting for us in their boat. Surrounded by a rosy dusk, the old wooden boat glided over the lake. Through reed beds, the boat reached a small island, at which we landed while taking the sisters’ hands. There stood their private log house. They picked some blueberries from a bush and handed them to us.

Their boy friends were waiting for us in a log house consisting of two rooms, where landscape paintings and stagheads were on the wall and birchwood was burning in a fireplace. They handed us skewered makkarasausageto roast in the fireplace. A candle illuminated the table. The watermelon in the salad was imported from Southern Europe. We drank Sprite and orange soda.

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We talked about Finnish and Japanese foods, the Olympics (snowdrop knew only Birdman Nykänen), the tea ceremony, the nature, the languages (the speed of our English conversation were almost the same), etc.

 After the dinner a handmade blueberry jelly roll, coffee, and tea were served. The icing sugar on the cake looked like the powder snow. It was regrettable that snowdrop, a small eater could eat only one piece. The blue and yellow twilight was clinging outside for hours. It was the season of the midnight sun!

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Summer Evening*Finnish folk song(google search)

(日本国歌*Japanese National Anthem)
(フィンランド国歌*Finnish National Anthem)




We sang National Anthem to each other. They praised that Japnaese one’ s melody had a taste of antiquity. We were enchanted by Finnish one whose rythme and sounds reminded us of a lovely girl singing in a pasture. (The double consonant is a characteristic of Finnish language and exists in Sibelius' musicalso). When my friend sang a Finnish children’ s song in Japanese, they could hum but they had forgotten the original words.

When we left the log house around one o’ clock, a dim light was still clinging to a corner of the sky. We got on the boat. The venus and several other stars were shining. A haze was setting in because the water was warmer than the air. I tried putting my hand in the warm water. The silhouettes of low islands were floating in the haze. (…)We called it a day and went to bed in our hotel at 2 a.m., already the following day!

日本のブルーベリー*Blueberry and rice field in Japan



This long article will be my Christmas present to the friends in Virrat who now have built their own houses.
This figure is a collage of their photo-postcard and a page of snowdrop's magazine bought in Helsinki.

From our Santa Claus


ヴィラット村のホテルのオリジナル絵葉書*Original Postcard of the hotel in Virrat

(All Rights Reserved)


Rose Street in Odense


The trip in Jutland continued to Odense, the birthplace of H.C.Andersen, until weekend. She met a Danish man with tattoo on his arms in a train, and was surprised at his licorice just like black cords !(He had tattooed in his youth with his friends under the influence of drink.A landlord who would call snowdrop “young lady” told her about the accident of Princess Diana. On Saturday she met again Chilean D…by chance at Odense station. But it is time to shut the diary.


Le gars comme un arbre planté dans un bois chilien, dont le hug m’ a piqué avec sa barbe.


スウェーデンのアンティーク柱時計  Swedish wallclock in Dalarna




D, you also remembered fondly that night. As the night went on, the discussion between you and American Jheated more and more, which we watched with sympathy. Jstudied the humanities, sociology, French, etc. but could not narrow his wide interests. He desired to compose poetry but it seemed difficult for him, so he hoped to become a writer. You encouraged him passionately, “The life, the voyage, you only have to song them as you like, it is important to write one poem anyhow”.

After about twenty years, we can publish freely our own poems in Internet. Did J
try to compose a poem on other shores somewhere in Europe as a wanderer like Ulysses or U. Saba? And does he post his works in some blogue or homepage? What will he say if he hears that snowdrop has started tanka blogue though she did not hope to create something besides sketching or keepin diary…mais non! He must have forgotten the little Japanese he met only once.
And Swedish J
……does he keep up sketching now? The young man who was full of quiet gentleness and hidden passion of a Northerner. Can we meet again in the ocean of Internet some day?

September 4-6th (Thursday-Satuday), 1997








鳥が一羽 獲物を狙いとまっていた





港は誰かのために灯をともし わたしは沖へ





Ulisse   Umberto Saba

Nella mia giovanezza ho navigato

lungo le coste dalmate. Isolotti

a fior d’ onda emergevano, ove raro

un uccello sostava intento a prede,

coperti d’ alghe, scivolosi, al sole

belli come smeraldi.

() Oggi il mio regno

è quella terra di nessuno. Il porto

accende ad altri i suoi lumi; me al largo

sospinge ancora il non domato spirito,

e della vita il doloroso amore.

When I was in my younger years I sailed
The coastlines of Dalmatia. Isles appeared
In bloom along the billows where sporadic
Birds hung in intent hunger over prey.
Those algae-slippery isles were glittering
Emeralds in gold sunlight. When the high
Tide and the night nullified them, sails
Listed to leeward, farther out to sea,
To flee their perfidy. Today my kingdom
Is that no man's land. The harbor heights
Blaze on for others; I to dark broad seas

Am thrust by an indomitable spirit,
By the excruciating love of life.

Dans ma jeunesse j'ai navigué
le long des côtes dalmates. Des îlots
à fleur d’onde émergeaient, où quelque rare
oiseau se posait guettant sa proie ;
couverts d'algues, glissants, ils luisaient
au soleil, beaux comme des émeraudes.

Translated by A.Z. Foreman


Rebun Island, Hokkaido(2014




National stones and a characteristic stone [from the left]

Norway (thulite), Finland(granit), Sweden(green stone like an island), Denmark(amber)


(En étant tiré à droite et à gauche par des rides, un caillou écrit une lettre“ハ”sur sablons.)


(Des écumes des rides à Grenen sont tellement douces que un bivalve rose est bercé sans se casser.)



I watched the sunset and the lightning of the lighthouse, and left Grenen around 20:00. On the beach some people are pushing bicycles, some people are jogging.

Yellow snapdragons and purple sea-lavenders are shorter than other places probably because of the sea wind. It is chilly although I have slipped on my cardigan with long sleeves.

The crème colour of the town looked warm and comfortable. But I took the wrong way and got lost in dark residential streets for a while. Finally I arrived at Y.H. before 21:00, tant mieux!

After showering I met Swedish J…in the kitchen. He visited Grenen with Dand there parted from him, who would change his lodgings. J…was sketching in Gamla Skagen, the west coast and after sunset came back to Y.H. About 22:00 when we came downstairs, our room light had already been off, so we promised to look at each other’s sketches the next day and went to bed respectively around 22:30.


Öland, Sweden (the country of J)



I got up at 7:00 and prepared my breakfast (patati salad, fried vegetables with sausages, milk and bread) in the kitchen. At 8:00 I returned to the dormitory and looked at each other’s sketches with J.

His watercolor paintings are quiet-colored and melancholic. Oh! we painted the same lighthouse in so different ways! He also has never taken lessons but he carried a booklet on colour science. When I gave his sketchbook back with both hands, he found it a curiosity because my behavior was like exchanging cards of business persons. I explained him that the behavior expressed the gratitude and impression for his paintings.

And we refered to the night we six roommates had passed together. Thanks to the rain, we could share such a wonderful time, as we all wanted to talk heart-to-heart. He and I prayed for the nice trip each other and checked out (78Kr). To be continued

September 3-4th (Wednesday-Thursday), 1997


ラスコー壁画の馬 un cheval dans la grotte de Lascaux wikipedia


Dans la grotte de Lascaux, qui a indiqué la manière de dessiner le cheval à un homme, ca pu être des cirrus dans le ciel dautomne.)

(essay, tanka, and sketch of snowdrop,copyright)









(La mer danois vers midi est l’ ambre vert d’illusion, le fossile de la lumière.)

While hearing
cock-a-doodle-dooI left Y.H. at 8:00 and went toward Grenen, the northmost point of this town and of Denmark. On my way I bought a bread “gulerodsbolle” with yellow powder on it (3Kr). I walked and walked on the straight road in a field of rugosa rose, heath, and pine trees toward the lighthouse.

I reached Grenen at 9:50 and climed on a hill. I could look out over the sea spreading in three dimensions like a slab of lapis lazuli. Two ocean currents i.e. Skagerrak (the west) and Kattegat (the east) meet at this sights. Camping cars, a sand bus with a Danish national flag, a building of the information, a restaurant, a museum, they all gather in a small area.

One can walk easily on the shore because the sand is solid, where sea grass and jellyfish are thrown. Cool breeze caresses my cheeks. Here I am at the very northmost poin! Two waves dashing from right and left make triangles and diamond shapes. It is true that two currents meet here, but one might be disappointed if he expected such as the Naruto whirlpools (Naruto city is the birthplace of my friend who studied in Copenhagen.).

At 14:00 I entered the restaurant and ordered kid’s lunch (30Kr) because it was not heavy. On another table a bee has tripped up to mayonnaise and is flapping hard. I spent the afternoon on the beach writing postcards and sketching landscapes. At 18:00 I came back to the restaurant and ordered a dish of French fries (26Kr).
On the terasse an old man was drinking beer and a child was arranging the stones which he had gathered on the shore. (To be continued)

September 3th (Wednesday), 1997, on the beach


奥村土牛 鳴門 Naruto by Okumura Dogyu postcard of Yamatane Museum of Art


En portant des deux mains mes chaussures bourrées de chassettes, je marche vers un autre phare.


Quand je marchait pieds nus sur la plage, des sablons et de l’eau mechatouillent parmi des orteils.


Il y a un autre jeune homme qui esquisse la mer au-delà de la plageelle ne le sait pas encore.


いわさきちひろ 人魚姫 
Mermaid by Iwasaki Chihiro  postcard of Chihiro Art Museum

(All Rights Reserved




At 7:00 I got up and made my lunch in the kitchen, went to the dining room, where a group of aged people was having their breakfast cheerfully. In the corner one of my roommates who liked reading was eating silently.

I left the Y.H. about 9 o’clock and bought two sets of postcards and stamps
16.5Kr. The church, the station, houses, all buildings have creme-colored walls and orange roofs with white edgings. Even the miniature houses in a display window have the same style, so only observing the window, you feel you had surveyed all the town. Smell of the sea and the voice of seagulls guided me to the harbour.


日記の半頁 a half page of the travel diary


Sur les vagues chargé de la couleur de l’automne, pourquoi se dépêchent des muettes en foule?


11時前にスケーエン美術館に入った 40Kr)。絵画の展示室には、さまざまな天候のスケーエンの風景と人々の絵が並んでいる。白夜の絵に描かれた貴婦人は、あの怪我をした女の子にどこか似ている。半時間ほどして雨が降り始め、中庭の色づきかけた林檎の木を濡らしてゆく。絵葉書を購入(10Kr)。

Before 11:00 I entered the Skagens Museum40Kr. In the picture rooms, landscapes of Skagen in various weathers and lots of portraits greet you. A lady in a white night looks like the girl who skinned her temple. It began to rain around 11:30. An apple tree in the courtyard is being wet. I bought some postcards10Kr). 

P.S. Krøyers første atelier i Skagen ThorvaldNiss (1842-1905) postcard of Skagens museum



In the afternoon I started for an anchorhouse and one of two amber museums. Later than 14:00 I entered a church and ate my sandwiches in the corner, when kindergarteners lead by their teacher entered from the rear door and marched to the altar while singing a hymn. They seemed to practice some program. From the ceiling of the church in this seaside town, a few ship models were suspended characteristically. I left the church before 15:00.

Walking from a lighthouse along the beach, I found the small amber museum, where I bought a small ore for myself and a pendant for my friend in Japan70Kr). After visiting a small glassblowing studio, at a greengrocery I bought two tamatos(2Kr.


Summer evening at Skagen (1892) P.S. Krøyer postcard of Skagens museum



19979月2日(火) (続く)

I returned to the Y.H. later than 17:00 and in the shower room met the girl who resembled a painting in Skagens museum. We continued talking in the dormitory also. I found that she(E) was a student of Copenhagen University where my Japanese friend was studying at that time. They once had lunch together! Her companion is an AmericanJ…),whom she happened to meet in this town. The girl with short hair is a German worker in Copenhagen, and that quiet man is a Swedish. A young vigorous Chilean joined us and we talked about the employment or educational issues of each country. For example, it was difficult to keep silence in Swedish forty-student class. In Japan, there were problems such as bulling.

Before we noticed Eand J…were boiling pastas and invited us dinner (macaroni with tomate sauce, cheese crackers, breads, and red wine). Perfect dinner for six persons! We talked about each food culture, the music, the pictograph, Great Hanshin Earthquake, etc. A Chilean changes the unhappiness into the humor, and a Danish into black irony?! It has already stopped raining outside of the window.

Dis a forest engineer, with sun-tanned skin and brilliant eyes. American Jwas studying painting but now it is his hobby, and traveling in Europe for one year. Swedish Jwho likes reading majored in psychology and is now social worker. Someone served nugar ice cream and tea. We went to bed about 0:30. 

Tuesday, Septemberth, 1997To be continued

(diary, essay and tanka of snowdrop, copyright)




On September the first about twenty years ago, snowdrop was traveling alone in Jutland. Lets follow together several pages in her travel diary for a few days whose dates are the same as those of this year. Here we are in Skagen, Naruto in Denmark, where she met a person who desired to become a poet. How about making a guess which personage is that? After this blog-travel, I intend to search the person through internet.

Only today I would like to extract her diary as it is. Japanese Yen equaled to about 20 Danish Krone in 1997.



I got on the small local train for Skagen which entered the platform at 16:30, and started at 16:35. The train was unoccupied because it was weekday. (
) From the window I sometimes see purple heather colonies in the brown weeds beneath pines and white birches. Willowherbs have all changed into white fuzz.

I got off at Frederikshavn at 17:10. A loving couple are hugging and rejoicing to meet again. I walked down the lonely road and arrived at Ny Youth Hostel at 17:25. The building is new and clean. In the reception room, a girl who skinned the temple is being treated by the staff, accompanied by a young man. I said to them, “Take your time, please.”




The lodging fee (two-night stay with one meal) is 196 Kr. They said that a supermarket is 800 meters away, so I went there on foot. A little past 18 I found FATKA and bought a small pack of milk, some breads, a sausage, a box of cheese “The Laghing Cow”, a cucumber (total amount 50Kr).

After returning to the Y.H., I took the shower and made my sandwiches in the kitchen. Around 20:30 I saw a pink sky from kitchen windows. When I went back to the dormitory room before 21:00, night has fallen. In a corner of the room for 12 people, there is a table setting. A quiet young man is reading his book in the garden. A pair of cheerful girls greet me. The girl who skinned the temple and her companion are also roommates. A girl with short hair is writing postcards on the table. She is from Copenhagen and enjoying her three-day holiday. I went to bed at 21:30. 
(Monday, September 1th, 1997)



L’ épilobe en épi dont les duvets dansent dans le vent et flottent vers la mer d’azur.


Landscape by Thomas Lundbye(1818-1848) postcard

平たい国、デンマーク A flat country just like a pancake, Denmark

(Anne Dorte Michelsen / Før eller siden)

(All Rights Reserved)