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snowdropの百日紅をaster roseがイラスト加工してくれました。

Here is a greeting card to you made by snowdrop & aster rose.
Aster rose selected this blue letters for the tricolore blogue-design.
This square card is delivered by a stamp of Persian lilac.

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the salmon pink
of the Indian lilac
in the
moves me deeply
because I miss you



the fireworks above Lake Biwa
you and I saw from the 16th floor of an apartment
now they are
at a long distance
in my memories

About thirty years ago, snowdrop saw the fireworks
from an apartment with a view of Lake Biwa.


百日紅いろの扇形花火(TV) ☆ fan-formed fireworks on Lake Biwa(BS-TV)



↓ 8月9日に追記しました。

bonus ★ book and revue set in Nagasaki


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お気に入りの夏ショット&私の花火写真! 【PR】





― このように小さな手を見るのは初めてだ…十三くらいの童でも、これよりふっくらした大きな手をしている。なんと細い指…扇と筆と箸しか執ったことのない手だ。日にさらされたことのない、白く薄い肌が戻りつつある。これまでは内出血の痣に覆われ気づかなかったが、手首に、流れる涙のしずくのような胡桃(くるみ)色の痣がある。こんな華奢なお身に、よくぞ毒が回ってしまわなかったものだ…




 She came to sink into a fog of melancholy. The shallower and paler her wounds became, the more lonely she got. Hearing the court ladies talking about returning to the capital, she wanted to cover her ears…she was confused by herself.

― I used to like staying at Ko-date even only one night. Especially this year, every day I can listen to sparrows, pheasants, brown-eared bulbuls, Chinese bamboo partridges, and every night a chorus of frogs, Ural owls, etc. I feel as if I was travelling with a grass-pillow. And yet my papers tell nothing about the melodies of tits or frogs…only the fragments of my waka-poems with a little vocabulary.

 On the tenth night, the man visited her later than usual.

“ At this stage, sometimes the colour of urine changes red and the patient’s condition gets worth suddenly. I attend on you tonight, but please do not mind.”

 He took her hand as usual. The swelling has further gone down except the back and joints of the hand. Two pink spots on her middle finger were like two mosquito bites. He looked at the hand as if he had seen it for the first time.

― For the first time for me to see such a small hand…even a thirteen-year-old child has bigger ones. How thin fingers…Her hand has taken only a fan, a pen, and chopsticks…The white skin is coming back that has never been exposed to the sun. A teardrop-shaped brown mole on the wrist that I have not noticed because of the internal breeding bruises…what a delicate build…what a fortune that the poison has not passed into her system!

“ You have recovered miraculously…I was inwardly afraid, what if the medicine should not work? I would rather use my surgical knife…all I can do is to give you medicines correctly and to pray…if the patient was a small child…horrible!”

 His eyes glistened. The princess felt as if she had been a mother whose child had been bitten by a spider.

Pray…your head looks like a monk’s.”

“ No, I am a mere country doctor.”



Une fenêtre, c' est un théâtre
avec des nuages à l’ arrière-plan
où un bulbul à oreillons bruns
et un corbeau-tengu,
ils passent.

(To be continued to next Sunday
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十六夜の月*the moon on the sixteenth night of a lunar month







 ― あの人は、本当に、わたくしのためを思ってくれている。皇女だからと遠慮せず叱ってもくれる。医師(くすし)なら当然のこと?でも、少なくともわたくしには初めてのこと…




十三夜の月*the moon on the thirteenth night of a lunar month



Le silence après un chant lointain, est si lourd pour un petit coucou qu' il chante comme un écho.... 

立ち待ちの月*the moon that one waits for while standing:seventeen-day old moon

 On the eighth day, the swelling went down to the wrist. Her hand looked like a glove. But the pain and numbness was tolerable thanks to his medicine.

“ Your recovery is just like as mentioned on my medical books.” “ You are a hard worker.”
“ Thank you for your compliment…but the more I learn about the poison of this spider, the more I feel afraid of it.”

On the ninth day, Shikishi took notice of the basin carried by a court lady. On the glassysurface of water, she recognized her face. The face that she used to beunconscious of, looked shiny like the moon. The skin of a sixteen-year-oldmaiden was immaculate and clear, and the black eyes were brighter than usual.

The night before, he had been pleased that the colour of her urine had turned from gold to citrine.

“ It is a sign of recovery, almost all the poison has been discharged from your body. It was good that you have drunk much water.”

 Shikishi was happy, because he smiled for the first time. After having ejected the poison and wastes in her body, the pure light of his soul straightly shined in.

― He is sincerely worrying about me. He scolds me, a princess, without reserve. Is it natural for a doctor? But for me, it is the first experience…

 I want to live.

 She felt that keenly for the first time in her life. 

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鵺(ヌエ)の鳴き声 *scaly thrush▶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt35Pd83m6c



Princess Shikishi left everything to him. Her arm was marked with ink in order to check the speed of the swelling. A cold wet cloth was put on her brow. Her hot and dry lips were moistened with his liquid medicine. She did not see but felt his treatments. Some painful treatments were neither fearful nor unpleasant because she could feel that she was taken care of attentively. It was not the same as timid and nervous services of her court ladies. She felt his unwavering volition. She had only to leave everything to him. It was the first experience for her, the noble virgine, the third princess of the ex-Emperor Go-Shirakawa.
 In the dead of night, everyone was tired and asleep and only a scaly thrush was hooting (whose voice was feared as nue, a kind of chimaera at that time). Another voice and a sigh overlapped.

“I hope this medicine will work

A simple, straight, and touching voice.
 When she opened her eyes, she saw an outline of a bonze-like head in the candlelight. Is he a priest who prays for me? But there is no smell of the fire-offering.

“Are you a priest?” 

“No, I am a country doctor.”

She had never seen the people other than courtiers, Shinto priests and Buddhist monks. One of two times she had seen the country musicians, puppet players, prostitutes, etc. who were singing and dancing in front of her father, ex-Emperor. The man was different from those people and from her father whom she had rarely seen. The man looked straightly at her. His black eyes were shining like the water of Kamo River lightened in the moonlight.

“You are in a critical condition tonight. Please do not move if possible.”

She contemplated his eyes and nodded silently.

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10月8日は「寒露」の始まり(2016年撮影)。。。 Late-autumnal dew's period has begun today.





Today the late-autumnal dew's period has begun in Japanese calendar(photo in 2016)

Princess Shikishi was being in a hazy state. What is happening? She liked putting up at Koudate once a year, on Kamo Festival night. This residence for one night in Kamo forest, with the lower floor near to the ground, with thinner walls, conducts the feel of the forest in the air. The voices of the trees, the chorus of frogs, a silly song of a sleeping bird

 At the break of dawn, Shikishi was awake alone and staring at a corner of the room. The spider that she had never seen was weaving its fantastic web. In the only spot of dim light, from the small dark red body, silver thread is extended and drawing a concentric circle regularly and elaborately. Suddenly cried a lesser cuckoo. More loudly than usual, like a triumphal song. The princess shivered, off-balanced and thrusted her right hand into the web. A sharp pain shot through her middle finger.

 Vacantly she looked at her finger, at two drops of ruby blood, and at the spider. There was no fear. She was sorry that she frightened and disturbed that small insect. But soon a more acute pain attacked her. The finger and the back of the right hand became hot like a fire. And yet she felt a shiver run down her spine.
 A court lady, a light sleeper got up, found her mistress’ swollen hand and screamed. A guard cried. From a distance someone’s footsteps are approaching. The court doctor’s? But can that elderly doctor run so fast? While losing consciousness, she heard a quarrel and felt the wrist held. A stranger’s voice.

“ These are a Chinese venomous spider's bites ! I have seen it in this forest several days ago. May it please your honour, this is beyond the control of the court doctor. Leave it to me, please.”

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上村松篁の「青柿」。むだな枝や葉はなく、緑と青の諧調ははるかに豊かで ― まるで花人が白磁の壺へ生けた枝のよう。そして面長な柿!ここは渋柿でなくてはならぬ。

Un déjà-vu après la pluie au crépuscule. La peinture par UEMURA Shoko est plus simple et plus coloré que ma photo, comme une branche arrangée dans une vase en porcelaine blanche. La forme de kaki (fruit) doit être celle de kaki âpre ici.




Si je peux chanter des bleus vives de ces kaki dans la lumière après la pluie comme ce peintre !)


朝の光でもう1枚。…けれど、描かれた青柿のしずけさ、水をはねかえす枝のしなやかさ ― 1枚の絵の完璧さを新たに発見するばかり。

Un autre photo dans la lumère matinale, elle me montre à nouveau le calme et la souplesse fraîche du kaki dans la peinture ci-dessus.

おまけ  面の歯みたいな雨しずく
Bonus gouttes de pluie comme le bouche de Okina masque


今日は敬老の日です Today is Respect for the Aged Day (pinterest)

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ふかぶかと秋になりたる空あひや一枚読みては視線を遠くす 宮英子



 時はうつり、友は空へ旅立ち、私は ―

le ciel limpide après la pluie

Deeply   it has become autumn,  the look of the sky  every time I read one leaf   I look away in the distance  (tanka by Miya Hideko, translation of snowdrop)

 “Deeply” and “it has become autumn” do not connect directly. And yet this slight jump persuades the readers because we share the deep sky of Japanese autumn that invites our gaze in the distance. The dash (cutting word “ya” in Japanese) suggests the extraordinary deep blue of the sky. What is “one leaf ” ?A page of a book, a leaf of a newspaper, or a leaf of a tree…? While wondering, the readers share the time to “look away in the distance”.

The ambiguity stimulates our imagination. This ambiguity makes a wind in this tanka like some portraits whose elusiveness leads to the feeling of movement.
 Later I learned that this "leaf" is that of a letter. It is a long time since I quitted writing a letter composed of several leaves. The first leaf, …the second,… and the third…while lifting her eyes, is she gazing at her precious person's image or their precious memory in the blue-sky screen? This tasteful interval reminds me of that while turning a phonograph record from A-side to B-side.
 And I remember one pen pal whom I met in a hospital in my youth. After leaving hospital, we traveled to Kobe and exchanged letters, some of which (unused item) I keep still now.
 Time passed, she passed away, and I ― in this early summer, on a bed in a hospital, remembering her, cried a little. (She had suffered from the joint pain of her collagen disease, far stronger and wider-ranged than mine: probably mental one. I wish I had been able to share it even a little, beyond time and space.) 。。。Je ne t' oublierai jamais, mon amie.


↑ トンボ * dragonfly


Mettant des papiers à lettres vides et mon cœur fidèle dans une enveloppe, je la jete au-delà des cieux.



papiers à lettres en forme de feuilles mortes dans une enveloppe transparante


Une réponse est venue de l’ amie, c’ est le ciel empourpré de l’ aurore comme un sourire entre ses larmes.


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Une machiya, une maison en bois typique des centres-villes japonais, notamment à Kyoto, elle cache un jardin que le maître appelait Paris-Jardin. Ici, c’est Namikawa Cloisonné Museum, la musée qui était jadis la maison et atelier de NAMIKAWA Yasuyuki (1845–1927), un artiste d’ émail.



Mais pourquoi est ce jardin japonais Paris-Jardin? NAMIKAWA Yasuyuki participa à
Expositions universelles douze fois, et à celles de Paris trois fois, où tous ses ouvrages se vendirent. Il consacra les bénéfices à la reconstruction de sa maison et la production du jardin. L’ architecte fut OGAWA Jihei VII (1860-1933), qui est connu par quelques jardins de l’ eau du canal du lac Biwa. Ah ! Une grenouille coasse, elle veut vous servir de guide !



Il était animé et bruyant pendant que ce jardin était en construction. Les uns pelletaient le sol ici, d’ autres clouait des planches là. La maison aussi était en reconstruction. J’ écoutait de temps en temps le voix du maître,
“La machiya traditionelle serait trop étroite pour un grand étranger. N’ avez-vous pas d’ idée?”

Oui, cette maison avait plus de clients étrangers depuis Expositions universelles de Paris! Vous questionnez pourquoi une grenouille sait Expo? Parce que je suis celle en Kyoto! Un peintre de cette ville TAKEUCHI Seiho a visité Expo 1900 à Paris, quelques ans après la construction de ce jardin!

竹内栖鳳「緑池」*Green Pond by Seiho (c.1927)


L’ architecte OGAWA Jihei a entraîné de l’eau du canal du lac Biwa dans le jardin ! Mais cet étang n’ est pas purement décoratif ! L’ atelier de l' émail a besoin de l’eau pour polissage. C’ est un vrais living and working at the same location”!




Grâce à la considération du maître, cette maison a gagné la faveur auprès des clients étrangers. Un des clients l' a appelée "Petit Paradis"! Dans la salle d’ accueil remplie de la lumière à travers les shoji en verre, ou à la véranda en bois, on pouvait observer l’ émail minutieux.



maître servait du thé soi-même au Petit Paradis. Le sencha (thé infusé) vert embaumait dans des tasses en émail. L’ odeur d’ encens anti-moustique se mélangait de l’ été au début de l’ automne. Oh, c’ est une tortue ?” “Pas de vraie tortue. Celle en pierre prend un bain de soleil toute la journée ^^

Pig-shaped mosquito coil holder (Il ne fume pas!)




La vase couronn
é à Expo 1900 à Paris, elle se vendit mais vous pouvez voir celle semblable ici. C’ est comme la treille de glycine en émail ! Il est difficile de cerner le contour des motifs avec une mince bandelette métallique soudée sur le champ du métal et de remplir les intérieurs des contours, surtout sur une surface incurvée. On le cuit et ponce en versant de l'eau. Cela prend du temps !



Des petit ouvrages comme un brûle-parfum ou un tabatière, ils aussi prennent la meilleure de la technique
. Vous voulez l'un ou l'autre? Une carte postale de cette assiette avec le motif d' hortensia est la plus populaire même en automne!



Après voir Paris-Jardin d’un artiste d’ émail, je vais chercher un livre sur Exposition universelle de Paris.

京都府立図書館(Kyoto Prefectural Library)

参考文献 :武藤由佳里「並河靖之と万国博覧会」(『万国博覧会と人間の歴史』思文閣出版)

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A red star-like maple leave has fallen on the stardust-like green mosses.



Chinese characters “光” and “影
” mean both “hikari (light)” and “kage (shadow)” in Japanese (specially in the poem). The shadow is the light, and the light is the shadow. Fair is foul, and foul is fair.



Do you remember a pair of colours in the spring?



Japanese zelkova, Ginkgo biloba, etc, etc.every fallen leave has its own beauty. There is a season word "kouraku (falling yellow)" .




(My grandmother showed me the leave of the male plant of ginkgo wears a pair of pants and that of the female a skirt.)



I remember one poem that I learnt in my schooldays. I want to read it again in a calm courtyard like this.


奥に小さなクリスマスツリーが …(神戸女学院 2011年)

秋  リルケ 高安国世訳







Die Blätter fallen, fallen wie von weit,
als welkten in den Himmeln ferne Gärten;
sie fallen mit verneinender Gebärde.

Und in den Nächten fällt die schwere Erde
aus allen Sternen in die Einsamkeit.

Wir alle fallen. Diese Hand da fällt.
Und sieh dir andre an: es ist in allen.

Und doch ist Einer, welcher dieses Fallen
unendlich sanft in seinen Händen hält.

Rainer Maria Rilke, 1902, Paris

Autumn     (translation of wikisource)

The leaves fall, fall as from far,
Like distant gardens withered in the heavens;
They fall with slow and lingering descent.

And in the nights the heavy Earth, too, falls
From out the stars into the Solitude.

Thus all doth fall. This hand of mine must fall
And lo! the other one:—it is the law.

But there is One who holds this falling
Infinitely softly in His hands.



This poem is my little gift for our haribo whose name derives from Saint Nicholas.
(^<) = (^_-)-☆ =  ;-)

Et encore pour notre savant

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Let’s go on a day trip with a travel cup! How about an open-air teaceremony viewing scarlet cherry leaves?



The branches of Yoshino cherry turn upward, those of the weeping cherry downward.



(Les feuilles rougies de cerisiers brillent au bleu du ciel et de l’ eau, que sait ce qui aime la beauté des feuilles.)



 The scarlet of cherry leaves is morevivid in Osaka than in Kyoto and Nara. Is it because of more sunshine and less windswept?
BBC said in October that the British can enjoy not only yellow leaves but red ones this autumn, because they have not been blown around by the cold wind and rain. Colorful leaves, Super moon(it was cloudy in Nara on 14th)…Londoners are in luck this autumn !



「春 絵画」の画像検索結果

モネ「本を読む女」* Claude Monet, La Liseuse (pinterest)

Sur le tapis de la mousse la lumière et l’ ombre jouent au chat et à la souris. On dit qu’ il n’ y a pas de mot “komorebi : la lumière fuit à travers les branches et feuilles” en français et anglais. Est-ce que Monet a trouvé la beauté de komorebi par soi-même?



Do you prefer the bright place under a ginkgo? But be careful not to slip on its fruits! If you find dry sweets in the shape of ginkgo’s leaves and fruit in the following figure, you can eat them. ^^



(Le vent a emporté le chapeau d’ un gland, qui roule comme un seau de puits assimilé à les crépuscules en automne au Japon.


En ayant la nostalgie d’ un ginkgo que j’ aimait dans ma jeunesse, j’ ai invité une amie au bord de l’ étang.


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