4人の少年、4本のキャンドル4(four boys, four candles4)

the coin of John Paul II that snowdrop got in Vatican in 1999


It was I that danced the lastin that ball where Mancio danced with Bianca Capello. Glittering chandeliers, perfume, musicI was totally beside myself. Someone was gazing at meI invited her to dance without looking at her properly. A peal of laughter!! Mamma mia!! She was an old lady who barely walked!!!! Ah, I wish she was not ashamed because of me!!!!!!!!



I think it was I that was chosen the lastI was not as noble as two senior commanders and was not good at speaking Portuguese like the other vice commander, MartinoI do not know why I was chosen as a member of Tensho Youth Mission to Europe.

In the first place, I do not know very well why I got baptized. That unexpected sweet smile of tengu-like foreigners, the sounds of an organ, the smell of red tea, the mysterious doll house: presepio, which all charmed me to ask my parents to let me go to semianrio. I was the type of person who concentrates on something attracting.

戦国のキリシタン大名、高山右近 記念聖堂のプレゼピオ*東方三博士の人形▲(2011年)

Presepio in Takayama Ukon Memorial Church (2011)
Ukon was deported to Manila on the day following Martino's departure to Macau and died there in 1615. ▶https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dom_Justo_Takayama


I was absorbed in fishing and broke a hock on the ship for Lisbon. I blushed for shame. It was gentle Miguel who encouraged me, a mamma’s boy with a honey smile.

“Jurian is a good angler! That's Jurian, a 'child of the sea' all over!” You know, St. Peter also was a man of the sea. You are as honest and single-minded as he.”


a ship from Europe and European people painted by Kano school painters



 A Japanese art historian, WAKAKUWA Midori said that I was a spair member.They needed only THREE boys. Papa in Roman Catholic Church has lost Protestant sons, i.e., Germany, Holland, etc. at that time. But his new sons have arrived from Far East! THREE oriental boys! The Magi’s second advent!

Why did I catch a cold in Rome of all places! Everyone said to me that I was fatigued from the trip. But in Tredo, Mancio had been attacked with the small pox and in Madrid, Martino had had a high fever and an irregular pulse. It was just a cold, butthey persuaded me to stay in bed in order not to give a cold to the aged Pope. In the end, I could not meet officially not only Gregory XIII but also Sixtus V.



Here is a portrait of Manciotrue that we have been suntanned during our voyage and stay in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, but not so black! And Mancio did not look so macho. What manly sideburns!

This portrait was discovered seven years after the death of that art historian, 2014. Ah, her hypothesis was correct! The image of senior Magi might be superimposed on his figure. This picture seems to support that hypothesis and smile to the art historian who died halfway through her study on Italian art.

Avisi Venuti Novamente da Roma delli XXIII di Marzo M D LXXXV.



 Please do not pity me, the forth boy who could not participate in that flowery parade crossing ponte Sant'Angelo and could only hear the salute of guns from far away. The forth boy who was not hugged by Papa and did not carry the flag with French and Venezian ministers.

You know, those who are dissapointed, discorraged and feel so empty inside CAN devote the rest of their lives to the compensation. You can use the frustration as a springboard! This boy from a fishing village was to study in Macau and become a priest with Mancio and to endure persecution alone to fulfill the faithTHANKS TO the chagrin in Rome, where I drenched my pillow with tears….


アドベントのパレード(1999年)* Parade in Advent, Firenze (1999)




The forth boy was to be a single martyr out of the four, in 1633, when the first national seclusion order was issued. I was hung upside down over a black hole with foreign priests and monks. How many days did I live, a priest over sixty? In my muffled ears, a phrase was echoing of the Sermon on the Mount I had heard on our deck fifty years before.

love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you in order that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven

374 years later, in June 2007, I was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI. This good news should have reached the ears of that Japanese art historian who died in November in that year.


LOVE*Fourth Sunday of Advent(24 December)


All you need is LOVE!  
The Beatles sang
like four Advent canldes
in my childhood.


I wish you Christmas filled with PEACE and LOVE, and New Year filled with HOPE and JOY

おまけ*フィレンツェの街角の二人(1999年) Firenze, Advent in 1999

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