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Marufuku Coffee that appears in Rose Rain by Tanabe Seiko. How about reading this book on Rosenmontag?



On Pancake Tuesday (Februrary 28 this year), people in England or Ireland used to eat pancakes made with butter and egg to get over the Lenten season. In Japan, while the pancake became popular recently, the hotcake (American pancake) was already familiar in my childhood. (of course through four seasons)



I would order hotcake and milk “wijuout shugyar” in my childhood, while mama was shopping.)



If you want to eat the hotcake in Showa style, please come to Marufuku Coffee in Osaka! This is a long‐established coffeehouse since 1934 (Showa 9) that appears in Rose Rain, a short story written by TANABE Seiko.


”「丸福の店でコーヒーを飲んだあと、二人だけで、千日前をぶらぶらした。それで何というたか、ぼくは、彼女に。 理想の女房論をぶった。ぼくは惚れっぽいから、少々の浮気はみとめてほしい、と」「アハ」留禰は鼻で嗤う。” ―田辺聖子『薔薇の雨』より


“After having draank in MARUFUKU, we hung around Sennichimae. And, well, what did I sayI, taalked to her about my theory of the ideal wife. Becaause I faall in love so easily, please overlook my little caapriciousness! ” “Aha” Rene sneered. ― Rose Rain (1989) by Tanabe Seiko, translation of snowdrop

This man is just like that Italian Hikaru Genji in L'innocnente (film in 1976)! In fact, Osaka dialect is similar to Italian language to cantaaare e mangiaaare.



At the end of the coffeeshop, an old-fashioned coal stove passes his days observing the customers.


国立文楽劇場のくいだおれ太郎(左) *  道頓堀のくいだおれ太郎(右)
Kuidaore Taro in tricolore(made by Bunraku doll maker)(2014)



「たこ焼き 女の子」の画像検索結果 takoyaki-maker (google search) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takoyaki
林檎酒(シードル)*シャンデレール(梅田)                  ↑クレープ焼き器


By the way, the country of the tricolore, France is known by the crepe, which is the sweets for Chandeleur and Mardi gras. The Breton galette is the one made with buckwheat flour. Which do you choose, the pancake or the crepe for your quatre-heures on the last day of February in 2017?


↑ランチにもなる、ボリュームたっぷりのガレット(Galette and Cidre in Chandeleur, Osaka


「блины с красной икрой」の画像検索結果


Bonus*funoyaki in crepe style?

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funoyaki français? ♥ macaron du Cordon Bleu


Le Cordon Bleu (blue ribbon) est un réseau international d'écoles privées dispensant des formations diplômantes dans l'art culinaire français et le management hôtelier.



Namban screen (16-17c) Gallery Namban


Konnichiwa…I am Padre in a Namban folding screen. I am administering Communion. This round wafer is called hostia, the symbol of the body of Jesus Christ crucified for us. And the red wine is the symbol of his blood shed for us. We pass round a cup of wine in the Catholic Church. Here in a Namban temple in Zipangu, Christians of topknot hairstyle share a cup of wine.




I heard that a man adopted this way of Communion to the tea ceremony! It was Sen no Rikyu who managed the tea ceremony. Many warriors attended his ceremony, including the rulers (Nobunaga and Hideyoshi), Christian feudal lords such as TAKAYAMA Ukon (beatified in 2017), etc. Rikyu’s second wife also was a Christian. Probably Rikyu had experienced Communion.

What did he find there? The serenity and solemnity…indeed, but you can feel that in Buddhist service also, can't you? Or the familiarityperhaps Communion might have inspired him to adopt the way of passing round a cup. And that funoyaki, a kind of crepe produced by Rikyu resembles the hostia.

Black Raku "Shunkan" by Chojiro* 楽吉左衛門『楽焼創成 楽ってなんだろう』より


「天狗 お 面」の画像検索結果
Tengu mask (google search) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengu

I rememberwhen we began our mission here, we often were feared as long‐nosed goblins (Tengu). The communion sometimes were misunderstood as the gathering for eating human flesh and drinking human blood! This misunderstanding perplexed me for the first time, but in a sense, Christianity is the religion to lead the human composed of flesh and blood to the sacred and spiritual land.

 Rikyu’s tea ceremonies were inserted in the bloody days of the warriors. Even if being fleeting hours, they were calm and pure ones. Did Rikyu want to confort the people in a turbulent age? Whether his guests were Christians or not, his tea ceremony must have been irreplaceable and precious for them. Was the crawl-in entrance to the tea room a symbol of ”the strait gate” ?


青磁水仙盆(北宋時代) (東洋陶磁美術館展覧会パンフレット)
Celadon Narcissus Basin (Northern Song Dynasty) like the blue sky after the rain


「曜変天目 静嘉堂 pinterest」の画像検索結果

yohen tenmoku teabowl, southern Song dynasty (pinterest) like the starry sky

 茶の湯の始まりに外国の影響?! と驚かれますか。けれども、茶事の様子を聞くと、千利休(宗易)というお方が、たぐいまれな好奇心の持ち主であったことが窺えます。唐渡りの天目茶碗はもとより、高麗茶碗を愛で、華南三彩の瓦職人に自分の茶室のための茶碗を焼かせ…。

 There was some influence from the foreign countires on the way of tea in the beginning if I say so, are you surprised? But I think that Rikyu should have been full of curiosity. He not only used Tenmoku tea bowls imported from China but also loved Koryo-dynasty tea bowls, and he made a tiler of sancai in Southern China create the original tea bowls for his tea houses

 Later Zipangu dispatched troops to Korea, and oppressed Christianity in Osaka, Nagasaki, etc. Then the period of the national isolation were to continue for more than two hundred years until the arrival of Black Ships in 1853. It might be Rikyu’s extrovert spirit going against the times that led him to death.

「silence film scorsese」の画像検索結果
映画「沈黙」(遠藤周作原作)(2017年)* Silence (film)(wikipedia)


"The world of the way of tea is the place where both the host and guests should blend their spirits each other (Fraternité). Here is no master and atttendant (Egalité). Both Nobunaga and I sip a bowl of tea together. When imaging that scene, Soeki [Rikyu] felt moved. It was a new, too new world of the way of tea." Sen no Rikyu and his Wives by MIURA Ayako, translation and (supplément) of snowdrop

フノヤキ(菊屋HP)* funoyaki


By the way, on Valentine's Day (the day when Saint Valentine martyred) , Japanese women give chocolates to their beloveds. Of course Rikyu did not know the chocolate. He used funoyakicrepe, senbeirice cracker, rock sugar, kaki, etc. in his tea ceremony. Only the rulers could taste the sweets such as confeitoconfetticandy. On the contrary, in the 21th century, we can enjoy both the ancient/medieval sweets and the modern imported ones. Everyone is like the ruler today!

 ↑ 聖ヴァレンタインのポートレート Portrait of St.Valentine

くれなゐの (ハート)はらはらまき散らしさざん花は散るバレンタイン月

En dispersant des petals rouges, sasanqua caméllia révèle son amour au mois de Valentin.


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「nakahara junichi anne」の画像検索結果  Anne Shirley by Nakahara Jun'ichi(中原淳一)


Snowdrop est allée à Chocolat Promenade 2017 dans le Grand Magasin Daimaru de Shinsaibashi, Osaka. NAITO René was a disciple of NAKAHARA Jun'ichi. http://www.junichi-nakahara.com/profile



On peut tourner des pages du prospectus aux bougies près des fenêtres qui dominent la ville.



TINTIN collabore avec Goncharoff Seika Co., Ltd.



Snowdrop visitait de temps en temps ce magasin avec sa mère et grande mère. Le bâtiment principal est maintenant en reconstruction.



Le dessinateur du bâtiment principal est William Merrell Vories, qui est connu par Kwansei Gakuin University, Hilltop Hotel,etc. Ses étoiles furent trouvées partout, p.e. des plafonds, des éclairages



(If the destinations of the elevator with star-design were the years of ★★★★, you could go back to the days you miss.)



Il y avait des beaux escaliers de Vories et Salon de thé VORIES.


そういえば、snowdropは今年どんなチョコレートを選んだのでしょう。階段形のスクエア・チョコ? それとも、金箔入りの飴をのせたケーキ「黒船」? それは次回のお楽しみ♡

Quel chocolat a-t-elle choisi cette année? Les chocolats carrés alignés en forme d’ escalier? Un gâteau chocolat N
avire Noir avec bonbon-garniture? À suivre


「大丸ですから!」* C'est ça, le Daimaru!

おまけ*大丸のシンボル、ピーコック(孔雀)(左)* 白鳥のステンドグラス(右)
Bonus*Peacock (symbol of Daimaru)*Swan (stained glass)(pinterest)

「stained glass voies daimaru pinterest」の画像検索結果「daimaru stained glass  vories pinterest」の画像検索結果

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Although Liszt's Les jeux d'eau a la Villa d'Este is one of the most difficult pieces in my repertory, in fact, it is easy-to-play also. Beside being a virtuoso, Liszt was an excellent piano teacher. He understood very well when and where the pianist reaches the limit while playing. After long tremolos, the staccatos give our fingers a chance to rest.

「franz liszt piano」の画像検索結果

Young Liszt surrounded by female fans (one of them swoons)
リストのピアノ・コンサート。失神する女性ファンも見える(google search)


But the pieces in his youth are more hard to play! Look, this young Liszt enjoying his greatest success(above fig.)! He looks like Elvis Presley surrounded by ardent female fans! And while teaching various students and growing old, the edges of his character have been rounded off like a rolling stone.

「liszt franz pinterest」の画像検索結果
老リスト*Old Liszt(pinterest)



The later years of Liszt was like the locus of a rolling stone. He lost two of his beloved children, could not marry his longtime lover, resigned from his post of Hofkapellmeister, and became an Abbé in the end. From a sweet handsome youth to a bitter old manthe pilgrimage of the life was never easy for him.




 But, it is strange
this piece always sets my hands and heart at ease. I wonder if Liszt was like a stone buffeted by the seas rather than a stone rolling down a slope. A rounded stone drifting on the waves gathers no moss. Listen, in this part, several phrases like streams modulate kaleidoscopically, freely, regardless of the related keys.

 Abbé Liszt wrote in the music a quotation from the Bible, “sed aqua quam ego dabo ei, fiet in eo fons aquae salientis in vitam æternam” Jn 4:14But the charm of this piece exists in les jeux d'eau et des sons (playing water and sounds) themselves, doesn’t it?



We Italian nobles have respectively the memories of Villa d’ Este. I stared at that stone goddess statue with many breasts spouting water with my eyes wide open in my childhood, and I played hide‐and‐seek with handsome gentlemen in the wide garden in my youth (entre nous, j' avais un béguin pour l'un d'eux)
Signore e signori in this salon also are absorbed in the beautiful sounds and in their own memories, without dreaming of their stormy futuredo you become curious? But if I tell you about their future here, will other readers call me a spoiler?(hu hu)

映画「イノセント」(L'innocente by Visconti)DVDより

Bustle made of kimono material (c.1890s)
「鍋島栄子  バッスルドレス」の画像検索結果

(To be continued)
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「like a rolling stone di bob dylan」の画像検索結果



One rolling stone neither gathers moss nor has ties.




 The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 was awarded to Bob Dylan. One of his songs ”Like a Rolling Stone” caught snowdrop’s ears one day in December last. The lyrics shows us a woman who are rolling down in her life like a small stone. ― Has she ruined herself or … freed herself?

 Snowdrop had seen an example sentence, Λίθος κυλινδόμενος το φύκος ου ποιεί (A rolling stone gathers no moss) in her Greek grammar book. While this proverb has negative meaning in England, positive in America. The name of an English rock band, The Rolling Stones has positive meaning! They are active and fresh like rolling stones. Snowdrop also takes it that a rolling stone is free. The woman should have freed herself.

映画「イノセント」(L'innocente by Visconti)DVDより


L'innocente is one of the films of Luchino Visconti. Do you remember this pianist, an old lady in black? She plays both Turkischer Marsch by Mozart and Les jeux d'eaux a la Villa d'Este by Liszt at high speed, indifferently. Her oval face looks proud and gloomy. Is she one of the first impoverished aristocrat, ahead of signore e signori in this salon? Is she one of the first rolling stones?





Monologue of the pianist

I also used to sit on a chair in a salon and observed enthusiastically a pianist’s fingers, when my father was still alive and I could practice the piano sans souci. But now I have lost almost all of my inheritance, and make a living as a pianist. Although the piano used to be a source of the pleasure for me, I have lost such a palpitation while playing the same kinds of pieces day by day as the background music for rich people

My Sunday best has partially begun to become threadbare. They say the ladies look best in black…to tell the truth, the black dress is the most convenient and economical, especially for me, a pianist who should go out to work even on rainy or windy days. You know, the salon pianist resembles the Kuro-ko[go]!



Joyeux PrintempsCe qui manipule cette marionnette,c
est un Kuro-go sans forme, sans voix.


Turkischer Marsch by Mozart was my first repertory in my childhood. My piano teacher often told me to play more slowly and expressively, but I liked to "shred" ! I felt as if I had been running in dem schönen Westerwald to Turkish military drums! Waltstein by Beethoven, whose sounds and notes are just like the movement of a steam locomotive's wheels, I like it also. He foresaw the Industrial Revolution. That's worthy of one of the greatest musicians! (hu hu)



You know, I was a tomboy. Every time I woke up in my canopied bed in our mansion, I felt myself being a sparrow in a golden birdcage

「laura antonelli l innocent」の画像検索結果

で刺繍する映画のヒロインL'innocente by Viscontigoogle search

Andremo a Villalilla dopo Pasqua. Sarà tutta fiorita (L' Innocente di Gabriele D'Annunzio)


Andremo a Villa Lilla insieme, a la primavera del fiore innocente, torneremo !

「gwen john window」の画像検索結果

Bonus*A Corner of the Artist's Room by Gwen John(wikiart)

(To be continued)

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À la fenêtre près du lit où tu dors, la neige tombe froufrou, comme des duvets.



Putting Taro to sleep, on the roof of Taro’s house falls snow.

Putting Jiro to sleep, on the roof of Jiro’s house falls snow.
Snow by MIYOSHI Tatsuji,translation of snowdrop


与謝蕪村「夜色楼台図」Tower at Night by YOSA Buson 


À la nuit, il a commencé à neiger chez moi aussi. Le lendemain matin, il neige par intermittence. Est-ce qu’ il continue de neiger encore chez toi ? La même neige boréale ―



Pendant qu’ elle oubliait d’ enlever un neige d’ ornement de Noël sur une fenêtre, le mois de narcissus est venu.



Des enfants japonais font le lapin des neiges avec des feuilles et fruits du
bambou sacré ou du coral ardisia (Christmas berry). Si ton enfant attrape un rhume et tu le mets sur son front, la fièvre tombera plus tôt.

歌川広重「雪中椿に雀」HIROSHIGE Calendar (January 2007)



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Bonus Snowball Fight (google search)

リヨン(フランス)の雪合戦 ↓




La pivoine en hiver, la pivone en froid, le chou ornementalau Japon, il y a des fleurs comme la rose en hiver. Le vert du chou ornamental est beau et ouvrit l’ appétit!



Snowdrop a trouvé un chou comme celui ornamental. Il s’ appelle le chou de Savoie, mais il est cultivé en Kyoto aussi! Maintenant qu’ elle l’ a acheté, elle peut le cuisiner avec une recette qu’ elle avait vu dans un blogue en France!



http://blog.goo.ne.jp/fleurdesel/e/40c4b9b108ca673b23ec01ac3efc8b7e  * 塩の華(日本語のレシピ)
http://ramages.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2015/01/post-f427.html *

chou de Savoie,un ognion, une pomme Jonathan, du porc, du bouillon, du cidre, on les mijote dans une marmite. Est-ce que vous prenez froid ? Je vais remplir une assiette pour vous aussi.


砂漠の薔薇 * Rose des sables


J’ ai appris le français par Le Petit Prince, et j’ ai connu Gérard Philipe de son voix.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDCIoTe6xng Le Petit Prince Gérard Philipe



Puisque la saison des roses est encore loin, je mets une rose des sables sur ma paume.)

「peter rabbit」の画像検索結果


For a philolettuce, my rice porridge with seven spring herbs, e.g. white Oriental radish.
And a cup of camomile tea for Peter that caught a cold! 



陶器のフェーヴと白い冠(これまでは金のユリ冠でした)Nos fèves de faïence


1月6日は、東方三博士の礼拝にちなんだガレット・デ・ロワを…葉っぱのショコラもどうぞ☆彡 Galette et Chocolat en forme de feuille

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AEON, a Japanse super market's name resembles ION, a violet in Greek. snowdrop has found there a bottle of wine with the design of Pudu Puda, the smallest deer in the world (Il met un chapeau et cache-nez en hiver, sans cacher son nez!). The deer and alpaca live in Chili.



 We Japanese generally changes Xmas decorations to New Year' s ones on December 26. But Xmas in our house continues until January 6.
 This year I could not find several decorations,for example, a handmade straw angel in front of the characters WELCOME (upper fig.). Where is my looong booots serving as Xmas ones ? Oh, in our closet upstairs!

錦市場で Nishiki Market in Kyoto


Snowdrop does not like wearing makeup since Festival for girls of three and seven years of age. When she found such false eyelashes in the town, she was so astonished that made one tanka as follows:




(Several sets of false eyelashes are lined up on a rectangular mount while trembling with their unknown following days.)

(made by snowdrop, selected by HOMURA Hiroshi for The Nikkei)

「穂 村 弘」の画像検索結果


 (BABA Akiko & HOMURA Hiroshi)


I would like to THANK YOU for your rich inspirations and encouraging visits. I wish you future days full of happiness in 2017!


Because the Lonliness is the Source of My Tanka ―Autobiography of BABA Akiko , interviewed by HOMURA Hiroshi (published in 2016) (amazon HP)
She is a tanka poet who has sung her deceased mother and wrote Study on Demon.

Violet+ High heels+False eyelashes+Song=The Takarazuka Review♪

https://kageki.hankyu.co.jp/english/index.html (The Takarazuka Review)


Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht
Quand refleuriront les lilas blancs → Sumire no hana saku koro(When the violets bloom)

Quand refleurissent les narcisses blancs, la première neige aux six pétales tombe dans notre jardin, le 28 décembre 2016.




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Merci beaucoup, je peux les copier un a un seulement…****






Here is our Advent calendar. After the winter solstice, the day is getting longer. According to Lévi-Strauss, Christmas is set around this season based on the ancient Scandinavian and Celtic religions.

 Il ne reste qu’ une fenêtre à ouvrir du
calendrier de l'Avent. Le solstice d’ hiver a déjà passé, et des jours s’allongent. Selon Claude Lévi-Strauss, le Noël est lié originellement à la renaissance du soleil lors du solstice d' hiver sur la base des anciennes religions scandinave et celtique.

 Pour satisfaire la demande de ma famille, j' ai tiré petit à petit presque tous les objets décoratifs de Noël cette année.



I added an ornament in the shape of a mistletoe this year.

objet en forme de gui et des neiges de pailles, ils me montrent que les objets décoratifs sont nés de la beauté de la nature.



On December 4 (the second Sunday of Advent), we light two of Advent Candles. You see my handmade straw stars.

Le 4 décembre (le deuxième dimanche d’Avent), on allume deux des chandriers. Des étoiles de paille sont faites à la main de snowdrop.



Santa Claus and Viking harmonize each other, don' t they? These are my deceased mother's favorites.^^

Le 6 décembre (le jour pour
Père Noël) tombe l’ anniversaire d’ une Suédoise, et j’ ai arrangé comme ça. Mariage de Père Noël et Viking! Ma mère les choisit…^^



Outside the window, coralberries and camellia sasanqua are red even in December. We rarely enjoy White Christmas.

Et mariage d’un petit sapin et fruits rouges d’
Ardisia crenata. Des fleurs rouges dehors sont Camélia de Noël. Cet ange a coupé un petit sapin avec une hache d’ or. Tu as de la chance de l’ avoir trouvé avant l’ enneigement!


Our Christmas Tree and Crib



Notre crèche est un sapin en bois blanc preferé de ma mère, dont la fille a augmenté chaque année des animaux autour de Sainte famille.(2015)



This year a black-faced sheep joined our crib. He peeks into a smaller crib made of Italian olive wood. Two black Spanish bulls look pious here.

Un mouton avec visage noir est débutant chez nous. Il regarde une autre presepio (crèhe) en bois d’ olivier. Deux taureaux de combat (comme ceux
dans la grotte de Lascaux) paraissent pieux ici. Un cerf dans la grotte est entre ces rameaux d’ olivier et de sapin.



In terra pax , I pray this Advent also until four candles burn out.



フィンランドから届いたカードと和風カード*Xmas card from Finland and Japanese style one


On December 18 (the forth Sunday of Advent), we light all four Advent Candles. I wish you all Peaceful Christmas!

Le 18 décembre (le quatrième dimanche d’Avent), on allume quatre chandriers. Noël en Paix!

Est-ce qu' Otto Brendel et Alfred Brendel ont un lien de parenté ? 034.gif

De tous les animaux je suis. Celui dont on se moque

De tous les animaux je suis. Le plus doux le plus humble

たれより優し たれより慎まし

translation into tanka by snowdrop

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仮面とタンバリンのある壁面(部分) Parete con maschera e tamburello(detail), Boscoreale



 A little bizarre Christmas garland? This is a part of a wall painting of the ancient Rome. “Roman Wall Painting in Pompeii” is now open at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art until the 25 December, which marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Italia and Japan.

The festival in the ancient Rome was often for Dionysus. Here you see one of his attendants Menade’s mask and her tambourine suspended from the ivy garland. This wall painting is in the Second style (c. B.C.1c), where walls are decorated not only with practical architectural features with stucco in the First style (c. B.C. 2c) but also with trompe l'oeil (trick of the eye) compositions.

踊るマイナス(部分) Menade in volo(detail), Pomepi, Casa del Naviglio


When Menade gets intoxicated, she wanders in hills and valleys while dancing and beating her tambrine. She holds a thyrsos also, whose pine cones reminds me of those in Christmas ornaments. The expression of her body, translucent chiton and himation deserves appreciation as one painting. This work was a part of a wall painting in the Third style (late in the first century).

詩人のタブロー画がある壁画断片(部分) Decorazione parietale(detail), Pompei, Casa del Bracciale d' Oro


The wall painting in the Third style illustrates mithology, scenery, gardens, kitchen still lifes, etc. They reflect the opulent society of Roman Empire, “Pax Romana”. This old man with a bright complexion is Silenus, who is also an attendant of Dyonisus, having the attributes of a horse. He likes singing and dancing, and you see here a syrinx of Pan also. How delicate brushworks and how skillful volumetric representation!


赤ん坊のテレフォスを発見するヘラクレス(部分)*Eracle e Telefo(detail), Elcolano, Augusteum


This painting represents one scene of mythology,the decisive moment when Hercules discovered his lost son Telephus. Not an angel but a winged spirit indicates the son to his father with an ear of wheat. The depiction of Telephus taking the breast ofa doe is fresh and vivid. Allegory of Arcadia is looking far off into the distance. From her behind, Pan is observing the father and son with great interest.

鳩を抱く子供*Bambino con colomba (Adone bambino), Pompei, Casa di Successus


The above two paintings belong to the Forth style (c.A.D.50) , when the Domus Aurea was built by Emperor Nero. Speaking of Anno Domini,yes, Jesus Christ lived about thirty years around Anno Domini. But you do not find the Chrisitian elements in the Third~Forth-style paintings. Because Christianity had prohibited the idolatry, it was not until the third century that Early Christian art appeared. The above lovery little boy is not an angel but Adonis in his childhood.

Prolegomena to the Study of Roman Art by Otto Brendel, Japanese edition (left)


The above mask resembles an ancient Japanese one for Gigaku (ancient masked drama)…

「伎楽面 王」の画像検索結果
酔胡従法隆寺献納宝物)*Drunk Persian attendant(7c.)(wikipedia)


The rich ancient Romans had not only their town houses but country houses (villa rustica). It was the tenant farmers and slaves who worked in the farms, and the master sometimes inspected his farms and relaxed with his guests surrounded by beautiful wall paintings. Did he give his guests various souvenirs (fruits, meat, fish, etc.) like those painted in his triclinium (dining room)? The mask at the upper right of the figure reminds me of Gigaku mask in the ancient Japan, at the end of the silk road.

Carmiano Villa rustica, Triclinio
L' Arte del Convito nella Roma Antica by Eugenia Salza Prina Ricotti


The Lucullan banquet in Roman empire (including the peacocks!) is famous in Japan also. Here we are in a triclinium of a villa rustica, where Dyonisus and Ceres are painted. This villa might have been a winery. Do you find fresh green asparagus on the front cover of my paperback? But the Romans could not enjoy tomatoes!



Here we are in a villa in contrada Sora! The blue sea outside the window, the Egyptian blue walls and ceilings in the rooms…How refreshing villa it is!

「Amen blue egypt」の画像検索結果

アメン神*Amengoogle search


When I take a siesta in an Egyptian blue room, I dream of Amen with blue skin.

水鏡を見つめるナルシスとアモル(クピド)*Narciso e Amor (Cupido), Pompei

これらのフレスコ画は、紀元後1世紀半ばに描かれました。イエスさまが昇天してしばらくした頃でしょうか。キリスト教は、こんな豊かな古代の暮らしと宗教に、復活というシンプルな教え一つで立ち向かったのですね ―

These frescos were painted in the middle of the first century, little later than the Ascension of Jesus. He had confronted such rich lives and religion with only one simple doctrine, the Resurrection.

Later Early Christian art would bloom from the seeds of Greek and Roman art after much trouble. For example, charming Adonis or Cupido (ex. upper figs.) are the model of the angel.

フェニックスと二羽のクジャク*Fenice e due pavoni, Pompei, Casa e Caupona di Euxinus


There is an inscription in one fresco of a caupona. PHOENIX FELIX ET TV” (phoenix felix et tu) The owner wanted his customers to enjoy eating and drinking in his caupona. This kind of warmheartness is universal beyond the difference of the religions and values.

Year 2016 is that of the cock in Asia. Snowdrop also would like to say to you “PHOENIX FELIX ET TV” !!!

おまけ 犬のシンクレトゥス(画中に名前が…) 
Bonus Cane SINCLETUS, Pompei, Casa degli Epigrammi


Io sono un cane, SINCLETUS. Mi chiami cagnolino Sin, per favore!

ちょっとウンチク 「主の犬」と自称する一人の修道士が、ドミニコ会を始めるのは13世紀のことです。

 Dominicans<Domini canes (主の犬)  



Catholic Church of Ashiya, on my way home from the exhibition
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